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What if the Sensor Probe Reads Higher or Lower than Actual Temperature?

3iE Energy-Monitoring Thermostat

Sensor Probe Reads Different than Actual Temperature

The sensor probe reads higher temperatures than actually felt on the floor when the sensor probe is placed too close to the wire. That is because the cable itself can get to 132F in order to bring the thinset and tile to 80F, 85F or even 90F. Do not place the sensor tip too close to the cable. If you do, a higher temperature reading will occur. One example is an 80F temperature reading occurring too quickly, shutting the unit off too soon.

You can correct the sensor reading by using the OFFSET feature in the advanced settings of your thermostat. One example is when the reading is 80F but the floor is only 75F. OFFSET your sensor by “-5” and give it five minutes to recalibrate or reset the thermostat completely. The sensor will now adjust to its new range and scale.

If your variance is wider than 10F, you may need to lift tile and reposition the sensor, or simply work with the ambient feature of the thermostat instead.

If it is reading significantly colder or warmer, temperature readings are sporadic. Contact your installer if the sensor probe was placed in the same conduit as the cold tail lead. Warmup recommends a separate conduit for both to avoid interference which may result in incorrect temperature readings.


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