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Conduit Requirements when Installing a Warmup System

4iE Smart WiFi Thermostat

Recommendations and Requirements for Warmup Systems

We recommend using a 1/2″ conduit for one lead, or a 3/4″ conduit if connecting two or three systems to one thermostat. In addition, we always recommend a separate 1/2″ conduit for the floor sensor.

Follow Local Electrical Code Requirements

Local electrical code requirements dictate whether it’s a requirement or optional. Installing a conduit makes easier to fish up the lead wire and sensor probe wire after drywall. In addition, it protects the lead wires from damage. Check with your installer or electrician to confirm what is best for your installation.

When Using a Conduit

We recommend applying an elbow or bending it at the base, in order to avoid sharp edges and allow smooth routing of the cable, from the floor to the electrical box. PVC or rigid metal conduits, as well as Flex/ Romex, are all acceptable. As long as these are compliant to your local code requirements, feel free to use whichever solution is appropriate in your installation.

In addition, note these two very important considerations:

  1. Never fit the lead wire and sensor inside the same conduit.
  2. Never fit the factory splice inside the wall or conduit. Always lay the factory connection (between the lead wire and the heating cable) on the floor, in thinset.

Please refer to the thermostat installation manuals for further instructions.


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