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Mirror Defoggers

Mirror Defoggers automatically provide a clear area on your mirror in a foggy bathroom, after a nice long shower.

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mirror demister

A Steam-Free Bathroom Mirror, Every Time

Every bathroom needs a mirror – and all mirrors steam up. Warmup Mirror Defoggers make the perfect solution to this problem by turning your conventional mirror into a heated bathroom mirror.

The Defogger is just a thin film which sits between the back of the mirror and the wall. With Warmup Mirror Defoggers you can ensure never to find yourself in the common predicament of wiping and smearing your mirror.

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Suitable for Bathroom Mirrors of All Sizes

The Defoggers come in three shapes; round, square and rectangular so it suits most of the mirrors. If the mirror is unusually large you can easily combine two Defoggers and attach them onto the back – turning any mirror of your choice into a heated bathroom mirror.

mirror demister

Key Benefits

Convenient Installation

The Defoggers from Warmup are very easy to install. The system comprises a self-adhesive film that can be attached directly to the back of the mirror. You can have the Defogger connected either directly to the existing room light circuit for automatic operation when the light is switched on in the bathroom, or via a separate switch connected to the main light circuit.

Discreet with concealed cable kit

For automatic operation when the light is switched on.

Even heat with rapid heat-up and energy efficiency

Running costs equivalent to one light bulb.


Warmup Mirror Defoggers are resistant to moisture, vibration, shock, dust and ageing so its safety in a wetroom is nothing to worry about.

Technical Information

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